Annual School Events

Ecclesiastes 9:10 ‘Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all you might.’


Once a year the school hosts the following events:

  • Christmas Carols
  • Easter Event
  • Play
  • Project Fair: Famous people, International Evening, Design and Technology Fair
  • Fun Family Days
  • Dia da Criança
  • Cross-Country
  • Athletics
  • Gala

These events are designed to expand your child’s mind and open them to a broad range of experiences. Learning does not only happen in the classroom, whether singing on stage or designing and executing a project, these activities build confidence and self-discipline amongst other things in our children. It is also an important for parents to be involved and given a chance to observe what their children have been learning. Families are so important to a child’s growth and development and it is vital we ensure that the school and parents work together. These events give the children and families a fun and holistic experience of learning.

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