Rapale International School desires to meet the educational needs of our international student body. Our senior students will follow the International General Certificate of Secondary Education of Cambridge(IGCSE) in Grades 10 & 11 which later leads to the Cambridge AS and A Level examinations.

This curriculum is internationally well recognized and should allow your child to enter colleges and universities worldwide. The books, teaching methods and grading system will be in line with the IGCSE system. Without the personnel resources to teach all the subject learning areas in the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum and the small number of pupils at this level, we as a school will, for a period of time use the ‘Love2Learn’ distance learning curriculum. ‘Love2Learn’ is a South African base educational distance learning centre.

The IGCSE exams are prepared for during grade 10 & 11 with international examinations written at the end of the second year of study. Pupils following this curriculum will be mentored and tutored during these two years of studies. At this time we are not yet a qualified examination centre. We will be working towards these exams and keep you informed on the developments in this area.

School reports will be issued for all pupils at the end of each academic term.

Rapale International School Grade System

Grade Name Age of child:
Key stage 1
Grade 0 5 - 6 years
Grade 1 6 - 7 years Formal schooling starts
Grade 2 7 - 8 years
Key stage 2
Grade 3 8 - 9 years
Grade 4 9 - 10 years
Grade 5 10 - 11  years
Grade 6 11 - 12 years
Key stage 3 Secondary School starts
Grade 7 12 - 13 years IGCSE preparation/ground work
Grade 8 13 - 14 years IGCSE preparation/ground work
Grade 9 14 - 15 years IGCSE preparation/ground work
Key stage 4
Grade 10 15 - 16 years Start IGCSE Love2Learn Curriculum – year 1 (6 subjects)
Grade 11 16 - 17 years IGCSE L2L Curriculum – year 2. Final examination June
Key stage 5 Not presently offered at Rapale International School
Grade 12 17 - 18 years AS Level University entrance for some degrees
Grade 13 18 - 19 years A Level – University entrance for advanced degrees
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