Calendar for academic year 2019/2020

Please note that these dates and events are not fixed and may be changed from time to time. Parents are advised of actual dates at the beginning of each term.

Term 1/2019
Term 1 starts  - Monday, 9th September
Public Holiday - Wednesday, 25th September
Public Holiday - Friday, 4th October
Fun day - Friday, 11th October
Choral Verse Event - Friday, 18th October
Parent Consultation - Thursday, 24th October
Mid-Term Break - 25th - 28th October inclusive
Sports & Fair - Saturday, 9th November
Carols Event - Thurday, 5th December
Term 1 ends - Friday, 6th December
Term 2/2020
Term 2 starts - Monday, 13th January
Parent Consultation - Friday, 14th February
Mid-Term Break - 15th - 18th February
Term ends - Thursday 9th April
Term 3/2020
Term 3 starts - Monday, 11th May
Parent Consultation - Wednesday, 24th  June
Mid-Term Break - 25th - 28th June inclusive
Term 3 ends - Friday, 31st July
2020/2021 (provisional Calender)
Term 1/2020
Term 1 starts - Monday 7th September
Mid-term break - 24th-26th October inclusive
Term 1 ends - Friday 4th December
Term 2/2021
Term 2 starts Monday 11th January
Mid-term break 20th-23rd February inclusive
Term 2 ends Friday 9th April 
Term 3/2021
Term 3 starts Monday 10th  May
Mid-term break 25th-28th June inclusive
Term 3 ends Friday 30th July
New academic year starts on Monday 6th September 2021
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